Game analysis of game one of the Kiwanis second round of
playoffs vs knights blue on 5 aug 2014

FACT: the game was going to be a 4-0 easy win with the knights having little hope of recovering. Even after their top two hitters hit Bobby's pitching it should have still been a 4-2 win. Instead we lose 5-6. A BLOWN GAME.

Some miscellaneous comments:

1. Player comments have indicated a feeling of not being supported probably because I don't say encouraging things or tell anyone that they are great or do any ra ra ing. If I did all those things how would a single thing that was blown in this game not have happened the way it did. If I did all the things you want a perfect coach to do then tell me what they are and then explain how do those actions change anything that happened or what was done by any player change. Perhaps there are other things I should do or say. Can each of you define exactly what support or what additional things you feel should happen and how it would have affected this game.

2. Sami had three errors and didn't get the ball to first in time to prevent the winning run. Is it possible that things he was told to do many times already could be involved in these 4 failures. Did these errors occur because of a decision not to use the techniques he was taught but to use things he's seen elsewhere or told to him by his idiot hs coach. Is it possible he is pre turning to look nicer on throws to first. Is he following his throws and not keeping his weight back. Was he trying to rush his throw to get a double play before concentrating on catching the ball. Did he not charge the last ball. Did he not realize it was a do or die play and had to risk gunning the ball. I lost by the actions of my best player. With thousands of hours of work on both my part and his and the result is no different than one usually gets from any shortstop on any shit team in this league.

3. Bobby gave up 5 hits in one inning. We got 6 hits in the game. Did bobby concentrate after the first two big hits. We don't know where the balls were pitched or how hard they were thrown despite having a camera and a radar gun at the game. Was he thinking about slowing down, or changing pitches or locations or even not throwing strikes when he repeated whatever he did twice before and gave up the third hit that would have scored 2 runs even without the previous mistakes of Sami overthrow and bobby not backing third base. All things we have talked about. Do players make an effort to change behavior when they are told things. Apparently not. So bad things happen over and over. If behavior doesn't change with new information why should the results change. We could have left the inning still winning 4-2 but we always compound mistakes. Sami drops ball on routine out and george drops a fly ball on what would be the third out but instead leads to 3 more runs scoring putting us behind. Two plays that could have made up for all of Bobby's mistakes now compounds them and in fact blows the game.

4. When players complain about using weak players in the game I told you they usually do not lose ball games. Games are won or lost by the actions of our very best players. In the last inning when we got to bat with no hope of scoring the bottom of the lineup did their job and got the bases loaded. Naim is our best hope of scoring runs yet a horrible at bat leaves the bases loaded. They score in the bottom of the inning. That is the most prevalent pattern in baseball. When your given great opportunities to score and fail the opponent always scores.

5. We just never make a difficult big play and usually don't make easier big plays when they are needed. Outfield play was poor. Our best fielders made no big plays.

6. We still don't know how to run bases. We go on wild pitches without proper starts and use poor judgement.
Yannis caught stealing would have been our winning run.

7. Poor at bats with runners in scoring position kill us. YANNI k with 2 in scoring position. Sami poor at bat with 2 in scoring position lost us a run at the plate.

8. With victor on vacation naim was behind plate instead of on third. The last play was easily cut off by naim and made in time.nicks arm still hurt didnt try at third because he could not have thrown it hard enough. I told you before the game began that the move was risky and it backfired as naim did not throw anybody out. Now he cant get a flight back in time for saturday as was planned.

During the PREGAME practice bobby asked why are we any different from the teams we play in the extremely weak Kiwanis league. The answer is obvious that on the field we're not. But let's see why

1. Reminder: that you can become anything you want by imitating what that thing does. On paper we are suppose to be becoming athletes by doing the things athletes do. Despite practices designed to make you into college athletes almost all of the players we have has chosen instead to be clowns. We know that is so by observing the actions of our players. Our players constantly practice being clowns by doing the things baseball clowns do. If college coaches from division one schools watched every players behavior and listened to every word said to their coach from the day they came to the team to today would they say our players do what their college athletes do or would they say they act in ways contrary to everything those coaches believe. Have multiple outside observers commented on our players extremely poor behavior. This behavior trains the mind just as repeated drills do and is the root cause of every blown game this entire season. There are now at least 12 blown games costing us a federation championship, a trip to a legitimate national tournament , being embarrassed by far inferior teams finishing last in ny travel league which is poorer than Kiwanis and now about to blow the Kiwanis championship when our half team is on paper better than any of the Kiwanis teams in this division. Simply put the vast majority of our players have chosen to be clowns rather than athletes by their observable behavior and those who haven't still contribute to the clown behavior. The behavior during the PREGAME preparation for the biggest game we had so far this season was that of clowns and not athletes and you paid very dearly for it by possibly losing your entire seasons effort by coming up with nothing.

2. If we observed the knights players behavior and words said to their coaches would it be similar to ours or would they in fact be far closer to college athletes than we are. They have freely chosen to play baseball as a
recreation. Except for a few, they don't care to be any better than they are. They enjoy playing at a low level so they can feel good and pretend they are good. Their coaches have never talked about behavior, game stress, optimization of techniques, on and on. They just show up and do what they can. They play without goals or purpose.

3. Why do they get away with it. Because by choosing to be clowns we negate all the technical work we do in
practice and become equivalent to the teams who do nothing at practice. The clown behavior affects the brain which controls how your body works. Add our inability to repeat actions under stress and so we and they are no different.

4. When low level teams play anybody can win. One player on either team can spark total collapse on the
opponent. In this case their 3/4 hitter bombing bobby started the process of getting us into game stress to make mistake after mistake after mistake. If we were not clowns but athletes our minds would be different and work different. They would react as trained by all those iterations done in practice. The truth is at least half the team and maybe more do not have very many iterations of anything done in practice. For many their practice time has been wasted with no improvement at all. We were suppose to be a team of players interested in improving their natural talent level to enable them to play better and to go on to college baseball. The process is described on the web sight that very few players have read. We were playing games to determine wether what we developed in practice could be executed in games. By seeing what we're doing wrong we were to go back to practice and work on those items and thus use games to learn and develop our skills. We were suppose to carry only a few recreation players to have enough players to play games. Games were not the objective but a means to a higher objective. But that never happened. We wound up with a majority of recreation players who have done nothing to improve their skills. Then on top of that we choose to be clowns. So now were just another clown recreation team in a league loaded with recreation teams who play to kill time and who win or lose based on throws of the dice.

We have very few players who appreciate what they have here and so put no value on it. What we had hoped to provide cannot be obtained anywhere else in New York City.

Bonnie players have a great playing season and many go on to bigger and better things. But those who do go on came with the skills and talent that gets them to the next level. They get no greater experience or development from playing games than anyone else does and very few leave the Bonnie's any better than they came.
I pick the Bonnie's but you can pick any team that recruits talented players.
they are good because they came good from their natural abilities. What they learn from their coaches is available in many places but is only general info not technical improvements. Their coaches don't have the time nor do they care to improve players requiring thousands of observed iterations on every skill they need to improve. It's much easier to say this or that and hope somehow the player himself improves. They get very little technical help but they appreciate what ever they get in all the other areas far more than any player I have. Their coaches put in far less time and get paid nicely for the time they put in. Their players pay more for what they get so they appreciate it more since it's got to be better if it costs more.

It's time everybody wakes up and starts realizing what you have because it may not be there much longer if this clown behavior continues. You have turned what should have been a great season into a total failure by choice.